Sunday, October 17, 2021

Halloween Costumes & Knockoffs - Part V

    Once again, it's the spooky season. I love Halloween, and as I've done the past few years, I'm going to point out some of my favorite superhero knock-off costumes on Amazon. You can find years twothree, and four at the links. If you want to re-read my first post that includes the legal whys behind knockoff costumes, you can find it hereOtherwise, on to the costumes! (Note: all links affiliate links)

Protect against Winter (Soldier) with this skin-tight top, or one of the other 20+ different superhero versions of it.

Help your child find their Glorious Purpose.

My daughter would actually like this Spider Gwenom.

Sexy Deadpool? Sexy Lady Deadpool? You decide.

A Wonderous Woman? Indeed.