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Welcome to ComicsLawyer.com. My name is Dirk Vanover, and I am the founder of Vanover Legal, LLC, and the author of Comics Startup 101: Key Legal and Business Issues for Comic Book Creators (affiliate links below). My firm is based in the Milwaukee area and practices primarily in the areas of entertainment, intellectual property, and business law. I have been an avid collector of comics and comic art for a number of years, and I am thrilled to launch this blog to further combine my profession with my passion. On this blog, I will discuss and analyze legal and business topics relevant to comics creators and the entertainment industry at large. Many of these topics I have discussed at comic convention panels around the Midwest with a number of comics creators, and if I'm presenting at a convention near you, I hope you'll stop by and introduce yourself. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy reading. 

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