Saturday, August 20, 2022

Review: Milestone Generations


I recall when Milestone comics first came out buying quite a few of them. They were cool, new, and dynamic. At the time, I do not think I realized the significance of the company, or that it was separate from DC. However, I did go all-in on the World’s Collide crossover and managed to piece together a giant poster that was taped to my wall —unsuccessfully—for at least a year. So, I was very interested in the new Milestones Generation documentary on HBOMax. Unfortunately, it left me wanting more.

Part of my issue with the documentary is that it felt more like a puff piece than a serious documentary. Being sponsored by Ally, which was mentioned heavily in the final minutes, definitely contributed to the feeling that this was a light documentary made on behalf of a corporation and primarily promoting a relaunch. It also ran a brisk 50 minutes or so, which doesn’t lend itself to a deep dive into the subject matter.

Milestone was an important publisher in comic book history. It was established by African Americans, and it had a diverse lineup of characters. Personally, I would have loved to see a bit more introspection on the launch of the company, the reasons for its failure in the ‘90s, and what it was doing between the ‘90s and now. It had interviews with many of the people who worked there in the ‘90s, and some academics to provide historical context, but it was lacking in interviews of modern creators inspired by the line. I feel like that was a missed opportunity.

Overall, it was still enjoyable to watch, and it is a worthwhile watch for anyone unfamiliar with Milestone comics.  

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